Useful Links

Getting Started

  • Oracle’s pages for IZ0-809 and IZ0-810 exams (that list the exam details, exam topics, etc)
  • You can download Java 8 from “Java 8 Central”; it also lists useful & quality articles related to Java 8 features
  • You can register for taking the exam in Pearson VUE site. After the exam, you can check your exam score results in CertView

Oracle’s Documentation


  • When you have doubts on Java certification preparation, you can get clarifications from JavaRanch or Quora


Relevant books for OCPJP 8 preparation focusing on Java 8 features:


Some useful videos (mostly YouTube) that are helpful for OCPJP 8 preparation:


If you come across any other links useful for preparing OCPJP 8 exam, please leave a comment below (we will check and add it to this page):

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6 thoughts on “Useful Links

  1. Is your book better than
    1. OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808 Kindle Edition
    by Jeanne Boyarsky (Author), Scott Selikoff (Author)

    2. OCP: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-809 Kindle Edition
    by Jeanne Boyarsky (Author), Scott Selikoff (Author)

    As above books are officially recommended I am little confused which one to follow?


    • I cannot comment on other author’s books, You can go through preview of our book and Jeanne book and decide yourselves. By the way what do you mean by “officially” recommended?


  2. Jeane books are very lengthy. Officially recommended means I thought It is from Oracle Press, which is not so.


  3. Hello Dear, Actually I do not know about this.So, Today I am trying to know about this. Now I am trying to use all of your books and information. I think your information is really informative and powerful.


  4. I have personally bought both the books. Jeanne and Scott’s book was my first book. My opinion is that the book was written in a very rushed manner not paying attention to the errors. The errata on their page has more than 200 errors reported by learners! If I buy a book worth $36, I expect very few errors. Another issue is, their book does not give fully running example whereas SG Ganesh, Hari and Tushar’s book provides fully working examples which helps you to try immediately and understand the concepts better. Lastly, the print quality of $36 book was like “Raddi” paper we find in India.

    Some good things about Jeanne / Scott’s book – I personally liked having 3 Mock Exams, 250 flash cards to revise the concepts and 1 Mock exam on WIley’s online center,

    Clear Separation of Upgrade (IZ0-813) vs First Timer exam(IZ0-809) and detailed level information
    on the upgrade topics. I am OJCP 5 certified so it was very convenient for me to skim through the upgrade topics instead of reading the entire book. Anyhow, I returned Jeann’s book back to Amazon and got SG Ganesh’s book!

    The quality of book I got by paying $42 on SG Ganesh’s book is absolutely rich, awesome and love it everyday. A Big Thank you to the author’s for spending so much time in detailing it so well. The only complaint I have as of now (I am still in 4th Chapter) is, some of the concepts are explained too short, e.g. When speaking about Collections, I was expecting some conceptual understanding on BigO notations which helps the developer to understand various time and space complexities associated with picking the right collection OR explaining Type Erasure or explaining and instead of just talking about .

    I will post a detailed review once I am done reading the entire book, but again, this is a very well written content and I hope I will clear my upgrade exam which is scheduled to be in May’17!.

    Yogendra N Joshi

    Liked by 2 people

  5. WIsh you all the best for Exam. Please do let us know about the book. And other resources which helped you a lot to get it done.


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