Java 8 Date and Time API – Quiz

Check out these quiz questions on Java 8 Date and Time API (java.time package) to find out how well you understand this important API.

Sailing with Java 8 Streams

Let us explore Java 8 features and start using it in your day to day work. You will be surprised how Java has evolved to become so different yet easy & powerful. In this presentation, we discuss Java 8 Stream API.


OCP Java (OCPJP) 8 Exam Quick Reference Card

If you are preparing to appear for Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer (OCPJP 8) certification exam, this a reference card (sort of long cheat sheet) meant to help you. You may want to print this reference card for your easy and quick reference when you prepare for your exam.


Cracking OCA and OCP Java 8 Exams 

This presentation provides an overview of oracle’s associate and professional Java certifications – gives you ideas on how to prepare and crack the exam with ease.


Functional Thinking – Programming with Lambdas in Java 8

Java has added support for functional programming in version 8. This presentation introduces lambda functions in Java with examples from Java library itself. Presented in OSI Days 2015 workshop.

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